Poolparty Summit 2024

PoolParty Summit 2024 offers three days of virtual presentations, panels, demos, and more. In line with current topics, the Summit will show how PoolParty users are adapting to the rapidly changing demands of digitization with semantic technologies and AI. And how users are overcoming organizational silos, inefficient workflows, and the challenges associated with unstructured data.

At the intersection of semantic AI, ontology, and terminology, Kaleidoscope is a must. Our CEO Klaus Fleischmann will participate in the following panel discussion:

PoolParty Summit 2024 will feature talks, panels, demos, and more. When it comes to semantic AI, ontology and terminology, Kaleidoscope is not to be missed.

What Makes Intelligent Content Indispensable? An Expert-led Roundtable Discussion

Together with other partners of the Content Component Alliance, Klaus Fleischmann will discuss how to make content findable, reusable, and machine-readable by combining technology with human skills and knowledge on March 20, 2024.

Poolparty Summit 2024: the three-day online event

When: March 19-21, 2024. Click the button below to register for free. Please note that you will be redirected to the PoolParty website.

If you would like to learn more about semantics, ontology, AI, and terminology, we have a few tips for you here:

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