Software Localization

Software also needs to be translated for the relevant markets and adapted to the local conditions. There are special translation programs for this challenging task, which overcome all the pitfalls of software localization.

Software Localization Challenge

Do you often find software localization a bit tricky because it's an area where several different worlds collide? No wonder! After all, your programmers, product managers, and translators all have different requirements due to the various software environments that have been adapted for their respective tasks. On top of this, there are texts from various sources such as binary files (e.g., DLL, APK, JAR) directly from the development environment, text or XML-based formats, and databases of all types.

Is Localizing Software Truly Tedious?

Let's get one thing out of the way: software localization without the right software and appropriate processes is definitely tedious. That's why you should ideally start planning and choosing your translation environment as soon as possible. In addition to different file formats and software environments, it's a matter of adjusting dates, units of time, currency, and measure, as well as character sets, etc. You shouldn't forget graphics and colors either, or text length that varies according to language. As you can see, software localization is anything but trivial. But with the right software and the corresponding processes, you can give yourself and your software a global advantage. With Kaleidoscope, you benefit from having an experienced consultant by your side – after all, we also localize our own software. We take what is supposed to be a tedious task and transform it into a smooth and successful software localization workflow.

How Can You Localize Your Software?

Translators normally have little or no programming knowledge and must have the ability to see the overall context of their work. Software developers, on the other hand, see the project from a technical perspective and want to tightly control the code and directly process the files of varying source formats. Finally, product management requires everything to come together seamlessly and for the foreign-language GUI to be consistent in design and wording. They also expect an efficient updating and version management process in line with increasingly common agile software development principles. Passolo is a specialist tool for software localization that precisely balances this mix of different requirements. The additional Rigi module is also available for complete visual localization and testing of web applications.


The right NMT solution for every business requirement. With MT products, not only do you have access to decades of experience in the field of machine translation, but you also benefit from the latest knowledge in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The translation engines (or MT engines) are being continually improved and the output is constantly being refined. Be it on your own servers or in the cloud, we have the right solution for you.


If dialog boxes and menus are only generated on the web server in real time, Rigi is the ideal software to enable complete visual localization here, too. The translator monitors the behavior of the target application or website in the browser during translation.

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Do You Want to Localize Your Software?

As we localize our own software, we are aware of the challenges from decades of putting this into practice. We are happy to share our software know-how with you, so that what is supposedly a tedious task becomes a sophisticated, successful software localization process.

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