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Our passion: inspired clients, constructive collaboration, sophisticated solutions It all started in 1996 with the dream of our CEO and pioneer Klaus Fleischmann. He wanted to bring the professionalism and creativity of language technologies, as he had experienced them in Silicon Valley, to the DACH region. This vision quickly became reality, and Kaleidoscope became an established innovator on the market. Even though our range of services has expanded significantly, the recipe for success remains the same: we develop solutions together with our clients that meet their exact requirements. In doing so, the profound industry know-how of our team of experts helps to select and adapt the right software solutions.

We Practice Our Core Values

We have been guaranteeing reliability, quality, and professionalism for decades, as well as the necessary creativity if required. This lays the foundations for our long-term client relationships, which are based on partnership.

We offer our employees an accountable, flexible, and respectful working environment with streamlined decision-making processes, and the opportunity to actively contribute to the organization and focus on their personal development. This forms the basis of a committed, innovative, and stable team. Our partners appreciate our expertise, culture of fairness, and reliability. This forms the basis for long-standing and respectful business relations. Whether you meet us personally at an event, speak to us over the phone, or get in touch with us online, our open, positive attitude lays the foundation for a lively exchange of ideas.

Taking Your Content Global is our motto and covers:

Market-leading software and our solutions developed in-house for translation, content management, and process automation

Consulting, best practice, and support for all related matters

Translations into all world languages with our subsidiary eurocom

Your Benefits with Kaleidoscope

  • idea The right solution

    You don't want any old solution; you want the right one! For this reason, we do not have a one-size-fits-all recipe, but rather sophisticated concepts that overcome your specific challenges. This requires a little creativity from time to time, but it is always grounded in profound subject-matter expertise and many years of experience.

  • holistic Holistic approach

    With Kaleidoscope you have a partner that understands your global language activities. Our team supports you as a trusted guide who knows the right route to each goal, be it terminology, content, automation, or translation. The individual stages are always planned and implemented with the entire process in mind.

  • partners Innovative partnership

    New markets, new technologies, and new client expectations mean new challenges. We overcome these together with you and create added value with innovative approaches and solutions.

  • achievement Leading the market

    Your company is among the best in your industry, therefore you desire partnerships that are at the same level. As the market leader in customized solutions for successful global content, you will find what you are looking for with us. As a pioneer and committed community member in our industry, we make sure it stays that way.

  • direction The right way, guaranteed

    We identify optimization potential, propose solutions, and implement these in concise projects. We will build a lasting partnership together - that is our Kaleidoscope promise to you!

Our team

Klaus Fleischmann, CEO Kaleidoscope GmbH

Klaus Fleischmann


+43 1 253 53 52 15 klaus.fleischmann@kaleidoscope.at

Anita Wilson, Kaleidoscope CEO

Anita Wilson


+43 1 5853644 anita.wilson@eurocom.at

Susanne Frank-Kohoutek

Sales Consultant

+43 1 253 5 352 17

Michal Gaman

Localization Engineer & Cloud Admin

+43 1 585 36 44 27 michal.gaman@kaleidoscope.at

Michael Gorischek, Productmanagement

Michael Gorischek

Team Leader Product Management

+43 676 843498 228 michael.gorischek@kaleidoscope.at

Bild von Carina Gunkel, Sales Consultant bei Kaleidoscope

Carina Gunkel

Sales Consultant

+43 1 253 5 352 21 carina.gunkel@kaleidoscope.at

Christian Lang

Christian Lang

Technical Consultant

+43 1 253 5 352 19 christian.lang@kaleidoscope.at

Gerlinde Manz

Team Lead Professional Services

+43 1 585 36 44 29 gerlinde.manz@kaleidoscope.at

Harald Müllner

Head of Technical Services

+43 1 5853644 39 harald.muellner@kaleidoscope.at

Francesco Pelizza, Technical Consultant at Kaleidoscope

Francesco Pelizza

Technical Consultant at Kaleidoscope

+43 1 585 36 44 72 francesco.pelizza@kaleidoscope.at

Britta Rohr, Customer Support at Kaleidoscope

Britta Rohr

Customer Support

+43 1 253 5 352 22 britta.rohr@kaleidoscope.at

Margit Scherzer

Finance Management & Freelance Accounts

+43 1 253 5 352 11 margit.scherzer@kaleidoscope.at

Klara Strohmayer, Digital Marketing Generalist at Kaleidoscope

Klara Strohmayer

Digital Marketing Generalist

+43 1 585 36 44 27 klara.strohmayer@eurocom.at

Natalia Wrobel

Global SEO and Digital Marketing Specialist

+43 1 25 35 352 14 natalia.wrobel@kaleidoscope.at

Arnold Zimmermann, Content Marketing at Kaleidoscope

Arnold Zimmermann

Content Marketing

+43 676 843498 249 arnold.zimmermann@kaleidoscope.at

Wolfgang Zimmermann, IT Management at Kaleidoscope

Wolfgang Zimmermann

IT Management

+43 1 253 5 352 18 wolfgang.zimmermann@kaleidoscope.at

Patrycja Ziobroń Sales Consultant bei Kaleidoscope

Patrycja Ziobron

Sales Consultant

+43 1 253 5 352 24 patrycja.ziobron@kaleidoscope.at

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