What's New in Kalcium 6.5.2

27. March 2023
What's New in Kalcium 6.5.2

Our development team has once again been hard at work, processing a total of 176 features, adjustments, and bug fixes for Kalcium 6.5.2. Thank you as always for your feedback and suggestions! We have been able to implement 55 new updates and product improvements with this latest release.

PoolParty Connection as a Repository

News in Kalcium 6.5.2. include integration of PoolParty

Being able to provide valuable and company-wide terminology – complete with definitions, images, in multiple languages, and with structured metadata – in taxonomies and knowledge management systems is becoming more and more important. It was therefore only logical for us to join forces with one of the market leaders in this area – our fellow Viennese residents Semantic Web Company, the developers of PoolParty – in order to integrate our two systems.

For users of Quickterm, this means access to the world of SKOS, SparQL, Linked Data, and semantic AI applications in general. For PoolParty users, this collaboration enables the company-wide rollout of data to "human" end users as well as the use of our workflows and checking functions. We are thereby marrying linguistically-focused terminology with digitally-focused taxonomy.

New Taxonomy Viewer for PoolParty Taxonomies

Hand-in-hand with our PoolParty integration comes a new taxonomy viewer that enables a faceted search function and browsing, as found in conventional taxonomy systems. In the second half of the year, we are also planning a new taxonomy editor for Quickterm.

To-do Task

As a major new feature and the first step towards 'terminology projects', we are introducing the 'to-do task', which allows you to add an entry to your own 'to-do list' or to that of another user. It will enable actions from entry editing up to the triggering of entire workflows to be started, including as batch processes.

Kalcium Contentflow V1

Another Kaleidoscope product is now available on the Kalcium platform: Contentflow. Previously known as Connecting Content, our automation middleware is now available with all the advantages of the Kalcium platform.

In addition to the previous gateways such as COTI, TAPICC, or intelligent monitored folders, an order portal for translations is now also available in Kalcium Contentflow. What's more, you can also configure UI-based workflows and track projects in the usual Kalcium way.

Further Improvements and New Features:

  • "Masking" in connectors: you can now conveniently remove certain fields from the update via the user interface when transferring to Acrolinx or MemoQ. This prevents you from losing data that has been processed in the target systems, such as linguistic details in Acrolinx, when performing an update.
  • Improved translation editor
  • Reporting for feedback and edit tasks

Smartquery Feature Parity

Even after Smartquery was launched in November, our developers continued working away in the background and Smartquery 6.5.2. has now achieved "feature parity" with the previous version of Smartquery, including the offline processing of queries. We will continue to work on the backlog and feature requests for Smartquery until the summer.

You can find out more about Smartquery in the following video:


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