The Missing Link between Content and Translation

Do you want to automate the data exchange between your content repositories such as CMS, ERP, PDM, PLM, DMS, etc., and your localization environment? Do you need to eliminate error-prone process steps? Do you want to speed up and standardize project management, thus saving time and money? Then Kalcium Contentflow is the right solution for you! Our smart middleware allows for full automation of repetitive logistics workflows and routine tasks.

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Automation with Kaleidoscope and Kalcium Contentflow: So, you get a fully customized solution, saving you both time and cost

Kalcium Contentflow: Simple and Intelligent

Automate and standardize. Speed up processes and eliminate error sources. Does this sound like your wish list? If you are active in the field of translation and content, we have some excellent new features for you: Kalcium Contentflow makes data exchange – for example between the systems used to create and manage your content and the translation software – reliable, quick, and easy. What's more, the Kalcium Contentflow middleware contains a special logic that is normally not present in CAT tools, for example classification of projects in a queue based on the date/time or volume. In addition, you can run external tools or scripts in order to process source or target files, or call up external systems to process files further or retrieve additional information. You can draw process-relevant or other metadata from the input files using the integrated file parser and make these available for automation, sending e-mails, or reporting. The integrated notification system in Kalcium Contentflow continually informs all stakeholders about all ongoing processes and their status.

Automation Made Easy – and Strictly Standardized

Kalcium Contentflow is configured intuitively via a graphical user interface. Once configured, Kalcium Contentflow runs smoothly as a Windows service on a server and automates your translation projects. The data and metadata required for automation and translation are transferred back and forth between the content repositories and Kalcium Contentflow via five different gateways:

  1. Watched folders
  2. COTI
  4. Submitting projects via Kalcium Web UI
  5. Third-party connectors

Watched folder

As soon as a file is placed in a watched folder, Kalcium Contentflow reads the metadata necessary for process control and starts the corresponding workflow that you have pre-configured.


Kalcium Contentflow meets the first two of three levels of the COTI standard: COTI Level 1 is a simple, file-based approach; COTI Level 2 is an automated step based on watched folders, and COTI Level 3 is a full, deeply integrated API connection. COTI was developed by DERCOM, the Association of German Manufacturers of Authoring and Content Management Systems, and standardizes metadata exchange between CMSs and CAT tools.


Of course, Kalcium Contentflow also makes use of TAPICC automation possibilities. This industry initiative was created by GALA and defines how content can be exchanged between content and localization systems.

Web portal

You simply start translation jobs via the integrated Kalcium web client. Completed tasks arrive in your e-mail inbox or are downloaded from the portal.


Kalcium Contentflow can also connect to third-party connectors via API or TAPICC to enable integration into various systems such as CAT tools, CMS, diverse content storage systems, different front ends, and business applications. This makes it possible to localize content from WordPress, TYPO3, Adobe Experience Manager, or Drupal using your RWS translation software, for instance.

Advantages of Automation with Kalcium Contentflow

  • Support from Trados Studio and GroupShare
  • Functioning workflows
  • Individually adjustable
  • Easier project management
  • Time and cost savings

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