Make Terminology Available with Ease

17. December 2021
Make Terminology Available with Ease
Klaus Fleischmann, CEO Kaleidoscope GmbH
Klaus Fleischmann

Terminology work takes time and costs money. To make the many achievable benefits a reality, terminology should be usable in all departments where possible. Cooperative workflows and easy access are important here, but are not always sufficient. Making terminology easily available does, however, present some hurdles.

After all, how do you

  • Supply different CAT tools with their various terminology formats with the approved terminology?
  • Synchronize authoring or content management systems, but map onto a completely different logical data structure?
  • Address required "static" source formats such as PDF time and time again?
  • Make approved terminology available to software developers or designers in their systems?
Publishing MultiTerm Workflow
Publishing MultiTerm

Make Terminology from MultiTerm Available with Ease

If you use MultiTerm or MultiTerm Workflow, we have a simple answer to these and many other similar questions: Publishing MultiTerm. This software, which was previously available as a desktop version, is now integrated in the browser-based interface of MultiTerm Workflow. This means that it is also easily accessible via the web.

With Publishing MultiTerm you can

  • Precisely select entries, terms, languages, etc. using the clever and powerful filter function in MultiTerm Workflow
  • Convert these into various formats, such as PDF (incl. layout), XML, HTML, or CSV and export them
  • Automate the export process and have this run at freely definable intervals
  • Automatically "trigger" the target system to import the data following successful export

Make Terminology Easily Available

In other words, with Publishing MultiTerm, you can make coordinated terminology managed in MultiTerm Workflow available across the company in all languages, in a targeted manner, and with ease. You benefit from this on many levels.

Ideal for connecting to other systems...

After all, a wide variety of systems in a company access terminology data, e.g., ERP systems, design tools, PDM and CAD tools, as well as content management systems. Publishing MultiTerm ensures up-to-date, coordinated terminology from one and the same source – regardless of the format used (from XML to CSV). Even printed glossaries or glossaries that can be saved can be automated in various formats, such as PDF or HTML, and generated on a regular basis.

…and other CAT tools

Publishing MultiTerm also opens up new perspectives for the world of translation software. Memsource and memoQ terminology data from SDL MultiTerm (Workflow) can now also be used with ease; other systems will follow according to customer demand.

You can find more information on Publishing MultiTerm here. We are also happy to answer your questions; don't hesitate to get in touch!

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