Automation with Kaleidoscope and Kalcium Contentflow: So, you get a fully customized solution, saving you both time and cost

Automate Multilingual Processes

Create content, translate it, and publish it – the challenge of managing your global content is as huge as it is complex. It's a matter of completing a lot of work processes as quickly as possible and all without a single error. Manual, often tedious processes don't make this task any easier either. Standardization and automation provide a reliable and efficient solution here.

Automate processes

Do you dream of being able to automate several processes and find an alternative to error-prone manual workflows? Are you perhaps thinking about automation in terms of the translation sector or a data exchange between the various systems such as web CMS, ERP, PLM, etc., on the one hand and the translation world on the other? Do you also want to facilitate and speed up project management in particular by means of process automation and data exchange? If the answer is yes, then you are looking to automate manual tasks such as transferring content and metadata, creating projects, starting workflows, distributing localization process tasks, or return delivery of the translation(s) to the source systems.

Global Content Automation Possibilities

Well, your automation dreams are about to come true thanks to our proven and highly customizable middleware: Kalcium Contentflow! Along with providing the right software, Kaleidoscope is also your automation expert, making sure that your individual requirements are implemented in the necessary automation steps. This allows you to create and manage your valuable global content with greater ease and speed. Kaleidoscope is on hand to provide assistance and software solutions for your standardization and automation processes.

Advantages of Automation with Kaleidoscope

  • Targeted consultations
  • Functioning workflows
  • Easier project management
  • Many years of expertise
  • Tried-and-tested (middleware) software
  • Shorter turnaround times

Process Automation with Kalcium Contentflow

Since every company has its own unique processes when it comes to global content, there is no single pre-configured solution that will work for everyone. Generally speaking, there are a number of automation options available thanks to our unique software solution Kalcium Contentflow:

Watched folder

As soon as a file is placed in a watched folder, Kalcium Contentflow reads the metadata necessary for process control and starts the corresponding workflow that you have pre-configured.


Kalcium Contentflow meets the first two of three levels of the COTI standard: COTI Level 1 is a simple, file-based approach; COTI Level 2 is an automated step based on hot folders; and COTI Level 3 is a full, deeply integrated API connection.

COTI was developed by DERCOM, the Association of German Manufacturers of Authoring and Content Management Systems, and standardizes metadata exchange between CMSs and CAT tools.


Of course, Kalcium Contentflow also makes use of TAPICC automation possibilities. This industry initiative was created by GALA (Globalization and Localization Association) and defines how content can be exchanged between content and localization systems.

Web portal

You simply start translation tasks via a web portal and browser. Completed tasks then arrive in your e-mail inbox or are downloaded from the portal.


Kalcium Contentflow can also connect to third-party connectors via API or TAPICC to enable integration into various systems such as CAT tools, CMS, diverse content storage systems, different front ends, and business applications. This makes it possible to translate content from WordPress, TYPO3, Adobe Experience Manager, or Drupal using your RWS translation software, for instance.

If you need translation services, we recommend our subsidiary eurocom Translation Services!

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