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Kalcium Quickterm

Do you want to manage terminology in your company professionally and provide the easiest possible access for everyone? Then Kalcium Quickterm is the right choice for you!

Kalcium Checkterm

How do you check whether company-wide terminology is actually being adhered to in every document? You can do this quickly and easily with Kalcium Checkterm.

Kalcium Smartquery

Do you find translator queries tedious? With Smartquery you can organize queries effortlessly, turn them into lasting knowledge, and improve the quality of translations and source texts.


The collaborative web platform Globalreview helps you to make quality management a fixture of your localization process and strategically manage language quality.


Kalcium, our powerful platform for Quickterm and Checkterm as well as plug-ins such as Excelling, Synching, or Publishing, offers additional benefits for users and IT departments.

Kalcium Cloud

Kalcium Quickterm and Kalcium Checkterm in a carefree package – available with the Kalcium Cloud. You find the perfect service package for you and the rest "takes care of itself".

Kalcium Contentflow

Do you want to link your editing system, CMS, PIM, SAP, or another similar system to the world of Trados Studio or GroupShare? Kalcium Contentflow does this for you.

Kalcium Excelling

This module allows you to easily export termbase entries from Kalcium to Excel, edit them offline, and then import them back into Kalcium.

Kalcium Publishing

With Kalcium Publishing, you can select content precisely from connected termbases and prepare it in various formats (e.g. PDF, XML, XLSX).

Fodina TermCatch

Fodina TermCatch is a cloud- and AI-based platform for extracting terms and clustering synonyms into concepts, both for initial extraction and for the ongoing expansion of existing termbases.

PoolParty Semantic Suite

PoolParty is a knowledge management system that brings knowledge graphs, taxonomies, and semantic AI into your company.

Trados Team

Trados Team is the innovative translation cloud, which works seamlessly with Trados Studio for translation, project management, and review.

Trados Accelerate

Trados Accelerate is the pre-configured, scalable & automated translation management system for fast-growing international companies

Trados Studio

Depending on the text type, you can save 30 to 60 per cent in terms of time and cost by using Trados Studio in the translation process. You can also guarantee quality in the target languages and, thanks to the integrated terminology, you can ensure consistency too.

Trados Enterprise

With its enterprise-grade scalability, Trados Enterprise becomes the central hub for your entire localization process.

Trados GroupShare

Trados GroupShare offers optimized workflows, the automation of tasks, and real-time access to projects, terminology, and translation memories for translation management teams.


The extensive automation and centralization possibilities available with WorldServer simplify and speed up the localization process throughout your entire company, saving you time and money!


Thanks to a visual translation environment, you can localize dialog boxes, menus, and display text in context with Passolo.

Language Weaver

Translate a wide range of content in real time and to any extent - this is what machine translation with Language Weaver makes possible.


MultiTerm is a terminology management tool that stores and manages multilingual terminology.

Excelling MultiTerm

If you need to exchange data between Excel and MultiTerm, Excelling MultiTerm makes this considerably easier. The additional maintenance features for MultiTerm are another plus point.


Do you want to stop manually exchanging files between your CMS and the RWS translation software? Then you'll be delighted with special connectors for your CMS!

Publishing MultiTerm

Do you want to select specific content from MultiTerm termbases and layout it directly as a PDF, or prepare it as an XML for further use in other systems? Publishing MultiTerm does this for you!

Delivering MultiTerm

Do you want to make the project-specific termbase from MultiTerm available to your translators? If you are using translation software from RWS, Delivering MultiTerm allows you to do just that.

Excelling Studio

Do you need to make MS Excel files translatable for Trados Studio? Then you will quickly come to appreciate Excelling Studio because it reads data from the columns and rows of Excel worksheets and converts them to a special XML format for processing in Trados Studio.

Go Analyze

With Go Analyze, you can quickly and easily analyze the content of one or more files to find out how many words, fuzzy matches, etc., there are and then convert all this information straight into a quote.


Are you looking for an editing system for the professional creation and management of product information? One that can help you to manage variants with ease and much more? Then SCHEMA ST4 is the perfect choice for you!

ST4 Web Author

ST4 Web Author is the web-based solution from Quanos for creating professional technical documentation

Quanos InfoTwin

Quanos InfoTwin is a powerful tool that links aftersales and service processes with technical documentation and spare parts management, among other things

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