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Ever more, ever faster: Even with translations, the requirements in terms of speed and volume are increasing - and thus also for the translation technologies. RWS now offers an answer with Language Cloud. The intelligent translation platform combines machine intelligence with human expertise and is flexible, connected, and intuitive. RWS Language Cloud supports the advanced translation management and productivity features of Trados Enterprise, Trados Live Team, and Trados Live Essential.

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RWS Language Cloud is not only available to all stakeholders at every stage of the translation process. You can also use it to optimize the entire translation process and to get control, transparency, and scalability across the entire global content lifecycle.




RWS Language Cloud supports secure end-to-end connectivity for all translation systems and services. Learn more about security in this RWS whitepaper.


Content connectors let you leverage more than a hundred content systems, business applications, and file-sharing tools, eliminating manual imports and exports. An API is available for special customization cases.


No matter where and how you work, on the desktop, in the cloud, on the go, or in the office, RWS Language Cloud scales to always deliver the performance you're used to.

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