Terminology Directly in Product Development

17. December 2021
Terminology Directly in Product Development
Klaus Fleischmann, CEO Kaleidoscope GmbH
Klaus Fleischmann

How can I use existing terminology seamlessly in my usual environment? How can I send new products and new terms in one approval process? How do you bring terminology alive and make it easy to use right from the start, i.e., in product development? Sandvik in Zeltweg, Austria reveals one way of doing this: the internal IT department has integrated terminology into product development, specifically in the NX PLM system from Siemens used by engineers. This gives engineers quick access to terminology and the entire workflow in their familiar design-, simulation-, and manufacturing software. To do this, Sandvik just needed the right terminology solution with a professional API.

Terminology directly in product development: at Sandvik, tunneling machines such as the MT720 Roadheader are developed and combined with terminology at the design phase. Photo: Sandvik

API "Connects" Terminology and Product Development

The question of how to integrate Quickterm/SDL MultiTerm Workflow into another piece of software often from different areas crops up frequently. The answer lies in the API, the Application Programming Interface. Michael Hahnenkamp at Sandvik got to work on the issue. He gives a summary: "The Quickterm API works and is set up correctly. In other words, it is as it should be. Plus, it performs really well." One of the specific features of the solution is its integration into a special PLM system: Siemens NX. This software supports all aspects of product development, from concept development through to design and production. It was also important for the company that Quickterm is directly integrated into NX, practically runs in the background, and is always readily available.

Familiar Environment, Additional Terminology Workflow

Now when a Sandvik engineer enters their NX environment and creates a new component, they can check straight away whether appropriate terminology already exists for the individual components directly from NX. The search immediately provides information on whether the term is allowed, or if not, which term would be used instead. The engineer can then select the appropriate term from those suggested, so everything can run in an organized manner. What's more, the integrated software checks whether the predefined terminology has been correctly adhered to for all entered texts, without the engineer actively having to search for this.

Terminology directly in product development: an MB670 Bolter Miner for coal mining is shown here. Photo: Sandvik

Terminology Search Directly in the Development Environment

If no appropriate term is found, the user can submit a term request straight away, which is sent to the Sandvik terminology team and dealt with accordingly. Hahnenkamp was particularly impressed with the thumbnails supplied for the terms, as "you can really envisage things". In other words, the full range of Quickterm/SDL MultiTerm Workflow services are available to the engineer.

What's more, Quickterm has already been successfully integrated into a special adaptation, the Attribution Cloud. If required, the translation is also supplied here. And again for checking purposes, if, for example, a German term is required, the engineer can search for a German expression. Michael Hahnenkamp: "If the searched expression is found, it is used immediately. If several terms are found, the engineer can choose one. Forbidden terms are highlighted and you are asked if you want to choose a different term."

Adjustment Work

Sandvik relies on the Kaleidoscope online hosted version of the software for the integration. Continuous work and the two-week release cycle of Kaleidoscope software solutions logically results in constant new version numbers. This regularly led to maintenance work for Michael Hahnenkamp for the implementation: "If a new version of Quickterm is released, I need to adapt the program at my end as the version number is presumably being checked." However, quick feedback to Kaleidoscope provided an immediate solution.

Terminology Hosting

When it comes to the hosting solution, Kaleidoscope also takes care of the technical side of Quickterm on special servers. Sandvik is extremely satisfied with this. "Quickterm runs extremely quickly. Tests involving colleagues in the USA and South Africa are proving very satisfactory." He adds: "I accidentally uploaded the entire database once, so 6,000 entries were uploaded via the internet connection. It only took a few minutes, which is astoundingly fast!"

The next expansion stage is already in the planning: as word is getting out about the usefulness and user-friendliness of Quickterm in the group, other areas of the company want to get involved and be connected to the termbase. Translation in Quickterm is also going to be initiated. Not least because the hydraulics department wishes to verify straight away whether the terminology in the drafting notes is suitable. Other departments at Sandvik are therefore enjoying the benefits of always having up-to-date terminology available quickly and conveniently, and in their familiar development environments.


  • Terminology directly in product development
  • API
  • Complete terminology workflow
  • Terminology hosting

About Sandvik Mining and Construction G.m.b.H.

Sandvik Mining and Construction G.m.b.H. in Zeltweg develops and produces heading and mining machines for cutting mineral and ore deposits and excavating transport tunnels. The competence center for the engineering and production of machines for cutting through rock deep underground and mobile conveyor belt systems is located at the site in Zeltweg, now with a history spanning more than 165 years.

The products manufactured at the plant in Zeltweg are used both for creating underground cavities in the construction industry, e.g., tunnels and caverns, as well as for excavating roadways and mining raw materials such as coal, salt, potash, platinum, diamonds, etc.

Typical products from the extensive range include the Bolter Miner, Roadheader, Continuous Miner, Borer Miner, etc.

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