Workshop from the "European Language Resource Coordination" (ELRC) in Austria

When? November 10, 2021

Where? Austrian National Defence Academy, Language Institute of the Austrian Armed Forces, Stiftgasse 2a, 1070 Vienna (2G Covid pass)

The third workshop from the Austrian European Language Resource Coordination (ELRC) deals with the issue of the status quo and the future of language technologies for the German language. Developers and users of language technologies, both from the private and public sector demonstrate experiences, requirements, and opportunities for transforming digital interaction in multilingual Europe. Discussions will also be held on how language data, i.e., texts and spoken language, can drive forward developments in artificial intelligence.

Klaus Fleischmann, CEO of Kaleidoscope, will be involved in a panel discussion as part of the ERLC workshop:

Language Technologies in and for Austria from an Industry Perspective – 
Panel Discussion

The ERLC workshop is a free event, but you still need to register to take part. You can find more information on the ELRC website.


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