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Computer-assisted translation tools (CAT tools) have revolutionized the work of translators. Benefit from the latest generation of tools that allow you to translate online or offline, on a desktop PC, tablet, or smartphone and offer many other advantages.

Three Good Reasons to Use CAT Tools

A CAT tool is a piece of software that people can use to translate text. Factors such as workflow and project management also play an important role. However, CAT tools have prevailed primarily for the following three reasons:

  1. Quicker and more cost effective thanks to translation memories A translation memory (TM) is, put simply, a special database in which translations are stored. Both the source text in the source language and the translation(s) in the target language(s) are stored. TMs mean that these translations are available for use again as required, improving quality, speed, consistency, and efficiency during every translation task. TMs therefore help significantly to save costs.
  2. Standardized communication through terminology Terminology is also a basic requirement to be able to communicate consistently in all translations. After all, terminology ensures that the same term is always referred to in the same way and that new names are not used in every translation. Modern CAT tools can incorporate termbases and be used for translation.
  3. Guaranteed quality It is not only the above points that contribute significantly to the quality of a translation. Special quality checkers in the CAT tools discover any errors such as inconsistent translations, missing numbers, or double spaces that you can then correct.

The Right CAT Tool for Every Requirement

Kaleidoscope not only recommends translation software from the global market leader RWS, but also has decades of experience in the use of Trados Studio or Trados GroupShare, for example, thanks to translation subsidiary eurocom Translation Services.

RWS Accelerate

Trados Studio

The world's most popular translation software is available in two versions. Companies and language service providers prefer Trados Studio Professional, whereas freelance translators opt for Trados Studio Freelance.

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RWS Accelerate

Trados Live

With Trados Live, you can translate wherever, whenever, and however you want thanks to a secure translation cloud that can be accessed via PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. A connection to Trados Studio means that you can switch seamlessly between translating online and offline.

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RWS Accelerate

Trados GroupShare

Do you want to optimize collaboration within your translation team? Then Trados GroupShare is the perfect choice for you. It liberates your team from a number of manual tasks and improves workflows.

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RWS Accelerate


If you want to bring together, automate, and monitor all your company's translation processes, thereby avoiding manual or redundant process steps, then the leading workflow system from RWS is the answer.

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You can often find free extensions for translation programs in the RWS AppStore. This makes it possible to even better adapt Trados Studio and other programs to your specific needs. There are even a few little helpers courtesy of Kaleidoscope to be found in the AppStore. Check out the RWS AppStore now!

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