Quality Management

As helpful as all the different translation programs are, establishing strategic and sustainable quality management and keeping this running continuously is yet another task.

Quality Management for Global Content

The primary purpose of content marketing and therefore global content is to raise awareness of your company. Most of the time, it's this first impression that dictates whether there will be a long-term relationship with your company – or not. Inconsistencies, wrong translations, clumsy figures of speech, and similar should all be avoided if you want to make a positive impact.

Sisyphus and Quality

Winning and retaining clients – it's a Sisyphean task, particularly when it comes to the global content needed to do this. The work is never done. It's a matter of rolling that "content boulder" up the global mountain of creation, localization, and management over and over again. But you can make this task much easier for yourself by thinking about the quality of your global content from the very beginning and anchoring it in your processes. Your starting point is a foundation made up of a combination of multilingual terminology and defined expectations that manifest in content profiles and the associated quality indicators. During the translation process, central query management provides an additional anchor of quality. You can use it to clarify ambiguities in the source language, for example, and thereby improve the text in every language. During review, the reviewers refer to defined content profiles and add the finishing touches to the text in the respective target language. Last but not least, this process also gives you objective quality indicators that you can incorporate into your scheduling. This enables you to slowly chip away at the mountain you need to get your "content boulder" to the top of until it becomes a hill, making your task much easier.

Consistent Quality Management

Managing the quality of your global content is an interdisciplinary matter. Individual measures on their own, such as checking the correctness of a translation during review, won't cut it. To establish an efficient quality management system, you need proper advice coupled with the right software solutions. With Kaleidoscope at your side, you get both – covering the entire quality chain from end to end: from terminology before or during content creation to content profiles and translation with your important queries, right through to review and the targeted collection of quality indicators. These objective metrics also give you a tool for the forward-looking and sustainable quality management of your global content.

Process and Software Chain for Quality Management

How to manage the quality of your global content objectively, sustainably, and in a targeted fashion:

Advisory services

Every company has its own unique processes and requirements. Kaleidoscope uses these to create a comprehensive quality management strategy together with you. Our decades of experience and leading technological expertise allow us to find the perfect solution.


Without common terminology, the quality of your global content finds itself on shaky ground. Thanks to Kalcium Quickterm, every stakeholder has access to the same terminology – and not only in the source language, but in all the target languages, too.


Every good translator logs queries in the event of ambiguities in the source text. Smartquery allows you to continuously boost the quality of both the translation and the source text. Thanks to the central management system, easy access, rapid distribution, and potential to connect to a terminology management system, you can turn queries into lasting knowledge.


Having translations checked is an important step when it comes to quality management. It is also stipulated in standards such as ISO 17100. The ideal solution for making the work of reviewers as easy as possible is Kalcium Globalreview. As well as the actual review, this smart online solution enables a qualitative assessment of the individual changes.

Content profiles

Not all texts are of equal value and in need of the same review intensity. Our "content profiles" accommodate this reality: in Globalreview, you can specify different error rates and "expectations" for translations and reviews for different clients, service providers, and reviewers. These parameters can then be saved as a "content profile".

Quality indicators

You can also use Kalcium Globalreview to make assessments according to (customer-)specific quality criteria, such as meaning, terminology, or stylistic errors. When saving a change, reviewers can automatically define the type and severity of the error. Globalreview uses this information to calculate an "error score", which provides you with an objective overview of the language quality so that you can pinpoint potential for improvement.

Your Advantages

  • All from a single source
  • Individual and comprehensive end-to-end solution
  • Proven consultation expertise
  • Specialist software


You have high expectations for the quality and global relevance of your content – and quite right, too! Many different people have to come together to create the right type and quality of content for every local market. The collaborative web platform Globalreview helps you to make quality management a fixture of your localization process, while simultaneously simplifying your review process for all stakeholders!


Do you find translator queries tedious? We know the drill: responding, searching, delegating, and archiving, without a process in place. It's hard work. And, after all that, you still can't find what you're looking for even though you know that you've already answered this exact question in an earlier project. Smartquery leaves you free to focus on other tasks and make use of the wealth of knowledge that has accumulated.

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