TermCatch and Quickterm: Collect and manage terminology intelligently

19. July 2023
TermCatch and Quickterm: Collect and manage terminology intelligently

Fodina TermCatch is a web-based solution that supports the creation and maintenance of standardized terminologies in the source language. The software uses an AI-based extraction engine to collect terms from source files such as Word, txt, TMX, HTML, and XML. The captured terms are presented in their basic form, even if they occur in the documents in an inflected form. Conveniently, TermCatch runs in your web browser.

With TermCatch, you

  • identify and extract terms from your existing content
  • find and group synonyms and spelling variants
  • make fact-based decisions about which terms to use and which not to use
  • publish your standardized terms in termbases such as Kalcium Quickterm and authoring tools like Acrolinx

You can use TermCatch particularly efficiently and effectively in combination with Kalcium Quickterm and Kalcium Checkterm. You benefit from TermCatch with term extraction and clustering and from the possibilities of the most modern terminology management and checking. Thanks to the integration with Quickterm, you can also use TermCatch to cluster synonyms for existing entries and thus expand your terminology extremely efficiently. The AI and LLM-based extraction is available for the languages German, English, and Swedish.

Kaleidoscope sells and implements TermCatch. We also offer outsourced terminology extraction as a managed service. Take a look at the webinar recording to gain an understanding of how TermCatch and Kalcium Quickterm can work together.

TermCatch and Quickterm: All clear?

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