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Trados GroupShare is the user-friendly solution for translation management teams. Be it on your server or in the cloud, Trados GroupShare works optimally together with Trados Studio, the world's leading translation software. Optimized workflows, the automation of tasks, and real-time access to projects, terminology, and translation memories mean that you are provided with quality translations in next to no time.

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With RWS Language Cloud, you can master the ever-increasing translation requirements in terms of speed and volume.
Mit seiner unternehmensgerechten Skalierbarkeit wird Trados Enterprise zum zentralen Hub für Ihren gesamten Lokalisierungsprozess.

Optimum Support for Your New Working Style

When your teams are working on translation projects at various sites, possibly even in different countries too, even powerful translation software such as Trados Studio is often no longer enough on its own. Your teams require online access to projects and central language resources such as termbases and translation memories. Trados GroupShare is able to meet precisely these increased demands on process handling, performance, and IT structures. Its modular design means you can opt for a combination of translation memory, terminology or project server for a small or large group of users.


  • Project overview and dashboards in real-time
  • Switch between online and offline mode
  • Central translation memories and termbases
  • Integrated data security

You can download the product description here.

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