Terminology and the source of truth

The concept behind the "single source of truth" is that every employee always has the same information available to them. In this free webinar, we will discuss how to realize this concept and establish terminology as a central information and knowledge hub. We also provide insights on how to keep the data in your various systems (such as ERP, CMS, PIM, CAT tools, etc.) up-to-date.   We'll answer a number of questions, including:  

  1. How do I implement the "single source of truth" in terminology work?
  2. Which systems can I connect and how?
  3. How do I distribute the information?
  4. How do I make this information usable for all?

This joint webinar from RWS and Kaleidoscope will be presented in English. Once you have registered, you will receive details of how you can join this webinar by e-mail from GoToWebinar, our webinar hosting provider.

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