Kaleidoscope and Congree: A Partnership that Creates Synergies

17. December 2021
Kaleidoscope and Congree: A Partnership that Creates Synergies
Arnold Zimmermann, Content Marketing at Kaleidoscope
Arnold Zimmermann

Vienna, Karlsruhe, March 2020

The companies Kaleidoscope and Congree are entering into a partnership. A key aspect of this partnership involves harnessing the benefits of synergies in the field of terminology.

"The profiles of Kaleidoscope and Congree complement each other perfectly," says Klaus Fleischmann, CEO of Kaleidoscope. "This is particularly evident in the connection of Congree to Quickterm. Here a bridge is built between authoring assistance in the editor and our software Quickterm for a company-wide terminology process. We help companies to internally coordinate and distribute their terminology. In addition to terminology checking complete with editorial diversity, authoring memory, and the style check, Congree gives our customers the option to further expand on the topic of authoring assistance."

Kaleidoscope and Congree: A Partnership that Creates Synergies

Stefan Kreckwitz, CEO of Congree, adds that "Kaleidoscope has a diverse portfolio in the field of terminology workflows. We are delighted that we now have a direct connection to Quickterm. This makes it possible to exploit the major synergies between the two companies not only in terms of advisory services, but also from a technological perspective. Kaleidoscope helps companies to define their terminology, while Congree enables them to ensure adherence to it and supports them in the development of new ideas. And so the circle is complete. "

About Congree Language Technologies GmbH

Congree Language Technologies GmbH, a software manufacturer in the field of authoring assistance, delivers the leading technologies for the composition of consistent text using defined style rules and uniform terminology. Development always focuses on the user. Regardless of the industry, Congree supports the content optimization of enterprises and departments of all sizes. Professional authors can use Congree to create high-quality, rule-compliant, and easily translatable texts faster and more economically.
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