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You have high expectations for the quality and global relevance of your content – and quite right, too! Many different people have to come together to create the right type and quality of content for every local market. The collaborative web platform Globalreview helps you to make quality management a fixture of your localization process, while simultaneously simplifying your review process for all stakeholders!

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Globalreview helps you to make quality management a fixture of your localization process and strategically manage language quality
Mit seiner unternehmensgerechten Skalierbarkeit wird Trados Enterprise zum zentralen Hub für Ihren gesamten Lokalisierungsprozess.

How to Streamline Your Review Process and Get Quality Management into Shape

Do you also get irritated by manual process steps during the in-country review? Be it unclear PDF files with countless comments and notes, scanned hand-written changes from your local subsidiaries, or revisions in complex translation software, it all leads to long project delays and unbudgeted additional costs. If the translation ultimately does meet your quality standards, your changes will not be entered into the translation memory and will therefore be lost! And, on top of that, there's the huge amount of wasted potential that these corrections and a software-supported workflow could provide for your quality management and the evaluation of translation quality. The solution for this complex of problems is Globalreview.

Review Functionality

  • No translation tools required, very little training needed
  • A lean, reliable, and – above all – more efficient workflow
  • Corrections are entered directly; only comments are also possible
  • Tabular editing of translation files in a web browser
  • Filter functions mean that only parts that have been changed need to be checked
  • Terminology recognition and the ability to obtain terminology feedback straight from the software
  • Documentation and traceability of all change steps
  • Automatic generation of target language and translation files
  • Import of changes into the translation memory

Quality Management Functionality

  • Qualitative assessment of the individual changes according to configurable client-specific quality criteria
  • Non-subjective quality assessments
  • Incorporation of assessments into quality scores
  • Clear reporting
    • With reporting options according to language, supplier, reviewer, clients, etc.
    • Uncover potential for improvement
  • Sampling (according to DQF or Multidimensional Quality Metrics) optimizes the review workload

Globalreview Advantages

Quick Time to Market

You can enable a rapid, coordinated outcome thanks to an efficient process involving translators, project managers, reviewers, and subject matter experts on a joint online platform.

Lower Costs in the Review Process

You can save on the unnecessary costs for manually inserting changes into the translation file and the translation memory. This eliminates the need to make these changes again and again.

Exactly the Right Standard of Quality for the Target Audience

Your subject matter and product experts in the target markets collaborate with professional linguists. You benefit from the outcome: high-quality content that not only takes into account your company's terminology, but is also precisely tailored to suit your target audience.

Continuous Quality Improvement

When saving a change, your reviewers automatically specify the type of error and degree of severity. Any necessary corrections are added to your translation memory immediately. New terminology can be added to the termbase.

Consistent Quality Assessment

After a project has been completed, you can create a quality matrix at your own convenience and use these values for reporting. This enables you to improve both the translation and the review assessment. Business intelligence makes it possible to identify trends.

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