Kalcium – The Backbone of Our Software Solutions

Kalcium is our platform. And Kalcium is just as important to our software solutions as calcium is to our bodies. It is the powerful basis for our software solutions, including Kalcium Quickterm and Kalcium Checkterm, as well as our plug-ins such as Excelling, Synching, or Publishing. Thanks to this common foundation, you can enjoy additional benefits for users and IT departments, too.

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Kalcium, our powerful platform for Quickterm and Checkterm as well as plug-ins such as Excelling, Synching, or Publishing, offers additional benefits for users and IT departments.

Kalcium standardizes processes, facilitates configuration and management, and saves valuable time. Your IT department only needs to install Kalcium once, as the installer contains all the individual software packages. The respective modules can then be used as per the license. To use additional modules, activate the respective solutions quickly and easily – without any IT support.

Kalcium – an Overview

Do you also require sophisticated, company-wide, and multilingual workflow management? With advanced life-cycle management including terminology discussions, approvals, and releases? With findings from ontologies, the clarity of concept maps, and the motivational power of "playful" options such as the term quiz and the "Term of the Week"? In doing so, would you like some processes, such as the creation of translation tasks, to be automated?

Kalcium Quickterm in its various editions has the answer to these and many other terminology questions and challenges. And if you want to check whether company-approved terminology is being adhered to across all content and translations – quickly, easily, and inexpensively, Kalcium Checkterm is your choice.

Benefits of Kalcium

  • Consistency
  • Easier installation and implementation
  • Reduce the workload of your IT department
  • Uniform user management
  • Faster learning curve with each additional Kalcium application
  • Powerful platform

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Background Information on Kalcium

Do you want to find out more about Kalcium and the benefits of our product platform? Let us know! We look forward to an interesting discussion!

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