Creating Documentation in the Browser

ST4 Web Author is the online version of the popular and proven SCHEMA ST4 content management system which simplifies the creation of technical documentation. Since the document is easily created in the browser, your technical writing team benefits from increased flexibility.

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ST4 Web Author brings SCHEMA ST4 to the cloud
SCHEMA ST4 is the editorial system for professional creation and management of product information

The built-in editor

The key feature of ST4 Web Author is its built-in editor. Thanks to its clear design language, you can complete various tasks in a targeted and uncomplicated manner, leaving no obstacles in the way of creating first-class documentation. Cooperation with other departments also works smoothly.

For functions that are not currently available in Web Author, simply access the desktop client as before. Publications, translations, and reviews can be performed in the desktop client while content is written and organized in the database in Web Author. Over time the full range of functions will be successively added to ST4 Web Author: that's the Quanos guarantee.

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