Cleverly Connecting Aftersales and Service with Technical Documentation

Quanos InfoTwin is a modular cloud-based solution that seamlessly connects information from various sources, such as the technical documentation and spare parts management departments. With Quanos InfoTwin, you can increase your service productivity while boosting aftersales.

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Quanos InfoTwin ist ein leistungsfähiges Tool, das After-Sales- und Service-Prozesse u.a. mit technischer Dokumentation und Ersatzteilmanagement verknüpft
SCHEMA ST4 is the editorial system for professional creation and management of product information

What Quanos InfoTwin can do

Quanos InfoTwin integrates product information into a single virtual location and makes it available to the relevant stakeholders.

  1. Quanos InfoTwin keeps service-relevant data synchronized and up to date
  2. Quanos InfoTwin simplifies service, after-sales, and maintenance processes
  3. Digital twins are essential if you want to enjoy the advantages of Industry 4.0 – including predictive maintenance
  4. To benefit from the digital information twin, manufacturers need the corresponding software solutions like Quanos InfoTwin

In other words, with Quanos InfoTwin, you can distribute – preferably service-relevant – information from Quanos SCHEMA ST4 and other sources at the touch of a button. The positive results are greater service quality and customer satisfaction together with lower service costs. Quanos InfoTwin is the tool you need to create added value from your technical documentation.

Advantages of Quanos InfoTwin

  • Information from the technical documentation and spare parts management departments is bundled
  • The information important for aftersales and service is intelligently networked and is available in a digital information twin
  • Product and situation-specific knowledge is created

With Quanos InfoTwin, you can avoid:

  • High level of manual effort involved in creating and supplying spare parts catalogs and documentation in aftersales & service.
  • High costs due to incorrect operation or as a result of misidentification of spare parts because relevant information is not universally available.
  • High workload for IT departments, which delays the introduction of new software solutions.
  • Strict requirements for the skill level of employees since lots of information is dispersed across different systems such as ERP, CAD, CRM, and PLM.

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