Quality Management: From Coincidence to Strategy in Global Content

Multilingual content is fundamental for successful communication with other people, cultures, and markets. Naturally, the quality of translations is of central importance. Often, these quality assurance processes are unsystematic and rely on spontaneous "feedback" from in-country reviewers. However, more often than not, these review processes lead to long waiting times, frustrating discussions, no real process improvements, and thus impede strategic and sustainable language quality management.

We share how

  • to define translation quality
  • to measure translation quality
  • to involve and instruct all stakeholders
  • to manage translation quality actively and sustainably

Join us to learn which aspects and stakeholders you need to take into consideration on your way to successful quality management of multilingual content.

Wann: November 16, 2022

Quality Management: From Coincidence to Strategy in Global Content

This free webinar is presented by
Klaus Fleischmann, CEO, Kaleidoscope

Klaus Fleischmann, CEO Kaleidoscope, explains explains quality management: from coincidence to strategy for global content

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