Connectors Link Your Content Systems to the Translation Environment

Your content is distributed: many departments tend to produce and manage their respective content with specific software. As an international company, you now face the challenge of exporting this content into the systems of your translators and translation service providers as simply as possible - and smoothly importing the translated texts back into the original systems.

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Automation with Kaleidoscope and Kalcium Contentflow: So, you get a fully customized solution, saving you both time and cost

Short Translation Processes Using Connectors

This time-consuming process is often a tedious example of the manual copy & paste approach. Yet there is an easier, more sophisticated way: connectors. Does your website run using WordPress, Typo 3, Drupal, or the Adobe Experience Manager? Do you require translations on an ongoing basis, but are dissatisfied with manually copying and exchanging files between your CMS and the RWS translation software? Then you'll be delighted with special connectors for your CMS - turn inefficient translation workflows into a short process!

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