Use MS Excel's benefits for your terminology work.

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With Kalcium Excelling, you benefit from the advantages of MS Excel for your terminology work

Microsoft Excel and terminology – How do they fit together? Not at all, of course, for fully-fledged, company-wide terminology management. For batch or offline editing of terminology data, however, MS Excel is often an option. MS Excel is also frequently used at the preliminary stage of terminology work. So why not link this practical tool with professional, company-wide terminology management?


Useful for individuals and companies

For the individual user, Excelling can be useful if the content of a field needs to be changed simultaneously in a large number of entries. Or if a larger quantity of data needs to be exported for easy editing across multiple data records and subsequently imported again. Excelling is also well-suited to easily importing Excel files into Kalcium.

At companies, Excelling decentrally supports two fundamental processes:

  • Approving or editing of entries by persons who do not have Kalcium Quickterm. A termbase can simply be filtered and exported to Excel, edited in Excel, and
    then directly imported from Excel back into Kalcium.
  • The multilingual development of a termbase by external employees who do not have Quickterm. For this application, a specific filter for "untranslated" entries can be combined with any other filter to export the desired parts of the termbase to Excel, where they can be translated by a translator directly in Excel. Then the file is directly imported from Excel back into Kalcium.

Use cases

  • Batch editing
  • Adding or checking foreign languages
  • Excel export
  • Excel import
  • Data migration

Manually or automatic

Tasks can be executed either once or automatically at specified times.

Following tasks can be executed automatically:

  • Excelling export
  • Excelling import
  • Reorganize termbases (only relevant for MultiTerm termbases)
  • Update Elasticsearch termbase cache
  • Import termbase content
  • Update termbase availability

Sounds interesting?

Then download our Solution Brief and find out more about Kalcium Excelling!

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