MultiTerm: Terminology Management

With MultiTerm, you manage multilingual terminology, guaranteeing a uniform basis across all content formats. And all this in as many languages as desired and for all parties in the company that work with terminology (terminologists, translators, technical documentation, marketing, software development, etc.).

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With RWS Language Cloud, you can master the ever-increasing translation requirements in terms of speed and volume.

Managing Terminology

If you have had enough of multilingual word lists in Excel that circulate within the company in different versions, then it's time for a terminology database from market leader RWS. It offers a database structure that can be tailored to your requirements. In the industry jargon, this ability to flexibly model a database is known as concept orientation and term autonomy. MultiTerm utilizes a role-based approach to authorization for gathering and editing terminology. MultiTerm's close integration into the RWS translation environment ensures the translator is automatically shown the terminology they need while translating. Additional terminology checks help translators and project managers comply with standardized terminology. These features greatly facilitate linguistic consistency at companies that routinely use multiple languages.

Get More Out of MultiTerm with Kalcium Quickterm

Kalcium Quickterm is the ideal partner for MultiTerm. It enables company-wide terminology access from any software application while giving users the tools they need to contribute to the entire terminology workflow.


  • Search in real-time
  • Fully customizable display
  • Scalability and integration guaranteed
  • All stakeholders have central access to the latest terminology

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