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How do you make termbases easily accessible offline and/or for your translators? For users of RWS translation software, this is no longer a problem. This is because Delivering MultiTerm transforms server-based termbases into a local termbase, which can be added to a Trados Studio project. You can take these termbases offline and send them to the translator.

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With Delivering MultiTerm, you provide your translators with a project-specific termbase from MultiTerm.

File Your Termbase

To ensure the termbase is truly practical, Delivering MultiTerm can scan the source documents for terms that exist in the server-based termbases, adding only the relevant ones to the project-specific local termbase. You can also filter the data at entry, term, and field level. The configuration can be saved and subsequently added to the project templates. This allows you to automate the entire process of creating project termbases.

Terminology Workflow Possible

Together with Kalcium Quickterm and the Kalcium Quickterm Trados Studio plug-in, you can also use offline workflows such as term requests in Trados Studio. However, this module must be installed and licensed separately. What Delivering MultiTerm Can Do Delivering MultiTerm offers the following range of services:

  • Creation of project-specific local RWS termbases from server-based RWS termbases (using MT filters is possible) in Trados Studio, for transmission to the translator in the translation package
  • Optional:
    • Filtering of the contained entries based on the project documents to be translated
    • Reduction of the integrated languages
    • Reduction of the integrated termbase fields
  • Optional when using Quickterm:
    • Enabling of offline workflows, e.g., for term requests, translation suggestions, and feedback. These are then transferred to the server via the Studio package
    • Integration of the concept maps and their representation in a separate Studio dialog
  • Representation of entries in a separate termbase browser (Quickterm-style). The representation supports both interactive searching as well as automatic term recognition

Product Documents to Download

Technical product documents: you will find the Delivering MultiTerm User Manual here.

Give Delivering MultiTerm a Try

You can download a free version of Delivering MultiTerm here. Please note: the free trial version is fully functional but lasts no more than 30 days.

Licensing and Ordering

Delivering MultiTerm is available as a single-user license for €1,250.00. Each additional single-user license costs €500 and a network license costs €1,750. Do you want to buy Delivering MultiTerm now? Then take a look at our shop!

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