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Publishing is a module in Kalcium, with which content can be precisely selected from connected termbases and prepared in different formats (such as layouted PDF, XML, or XLSX). It thus provides you with the perfect solution if you want to print or publish your content to different glossary formats, or want to share your terminology data with other systems.

With this module, you can easily print or publish your content to different glossary formats or share your terminology data with other systems.

This allows you to flexibly distribute your terminology to a wide range of target systems and ensures that your terminology is available to everyone throughout the company. This also turns your terminology into the "single source of truth".


Functional Principle

Kalcium Publishing accesses the termbase to run an export. Both entry and term filters can be applied here. The export is temporarily stored in a MultiTerm XML file. This file can then be processed through various transformations into the target format, for instance PDF.


Output Channels

In addition to downloading, other channels available for output include file system paths, FTP/SFTP servers, API (connection of any target system by passing the data via API call), and external termbase repositories (e.g. sending the changes to a WorldServer termbase). Supported external repositories include e.g., MultiTerm Server, Trados Terminology, Acrolinx, and PoolParty.


The basic functionality

Each publishing task consists of three steps:

  1. Defining the scope
  2. Transformation
  3. Output

Termbase connectors

Termbase connectors are currently possible for the following target systems:

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