Software Localization with Passolo

Thanks to a visual translation environment, you can localize dialog boxes, menus, and display text in context with Passolo.

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With RWS Language Cloud, you can master the ever-increasing translation requirements in terms of speed and volume.
Mit seiner unternehmensgerechten Skalierbarkeit wird Trados Enterprise zum zentralen Hub für Ihren gesamten Lokalisierungsprozess.

Passolo – The Localization Software for Software Localization

Passolo meets the various requirements of software localization easily and efficiently. Thanks to a visual translation environment, you can localize dialog boxes, menus, and display text in context. This enables you to maintain a constant overview while also enjoying the benefits of the world-leading RWS translation technology. As a result, you can meet all the linguistic, cultural, and technical requirements of your target markets with your localized software.

And Your Software Speaks Every Language

Thanks to the intelligent workflows and intuitive project management functions of Passolo, you can speed up production of multilingual software versions, improve the quality of software translation, and optimize your processes. As specialist software localization software, Passolo masters the extremely varied requirements of translators, developers, and product and project managers. You benefit from the following advantages:

  • Full integration in Trados Studio, MultiTerm, RWS Language Cloud – machine translation and RWS translation management systems for uniform translation of GUIs and documentation
  • Binary localization for compact and context-based (WYSIWYG) translation projects without manual compilation of the target languages
  • Pseudo-translation for quick test runs
  • Automatic check functions uncover a large number of common localization errors
  • Update functionality to automatically reproduce existing translations and GUI adaptations in the target language
  • Support for all common development environments, such as .net, Android, or Java
  • Support for a large number of difficult-to-parse formats like CSV, special text or XML formats, direct access to database, etc.
  • Team Edition for cooperation between developers, project managers, and translators with shared licenses for the individual participants
  • Collaborative Edition for automated synchronization of the central Passolo project and translation packages sent out
  • Extendibility with Rigi

You can download a Passolo Brochure here.

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