PoolParty: THE Semantic AI Platform

PoolParty is a knowledge management system that brings knowledge graphs, taxonomies, and semantic AI into your company.

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PoolParty ist ein Wissensmanagementsystem, das Wissensgraphen, Taxonomien und semantische KI in Ihr Unternehmen bringt.
Mit seiner unternehmensgerechten Skalierbarkeit wird Trados Enterprise zum zentralen Hub für Ihren gesamten Lokalisierungsprozess.

PoolParty Semantic Suite is an award-winning AI platform based on semantic technologies and machine learning. It helps organizations to build and manage taxonomies and knowledge graphs to make data intelligent and interoperable. In the next step, PoolParty enables the semantic layers created in this way to be matched between data silos, thus obtaining an enterprise-wide view of knowledge and content.


Turning data into knowledge

PoolParty's database consists of taxonomies and knowledge graphs. Taxonomies are the first step on the road to structured knowledge and data management. They are based on generally accepted W3C standards such as SKOS and RDF. Taxonomies can be used to 'digitize' existing terminologies and to prepare them for AI applications.

PoolParty's semantic frameworks serve as fundamental building blocks for applications such as intelligent, personalized search platforms, company-wide content and knowledge hubs, automatic tagging and categorization of content, recommender systems across data silos, and numerous other semantic AI applications.

Use case: Classifying and tagging

What use cases can organizations implement with taxonomies and the SKOS standard? In the Content area, relevant entities and terms can first be automatically extracted from documents via the PoolParty Suite. PoolParty Semantic Suite uses advanced text mining algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) methods to extract these terms, which are then automatically compared with existing taxonomies so that PoolParty can automatically classify the content.

PoolParty Semantic Suite can also use this method to automatically tag content and enrich it with metadata. This intelligent content in turn forms the basis for knowledge management, intelligent search applications, personalized content delivery, and other challenges that content creators often face.

Use case: Semantic layers

PoolParty Semantic Suite is used to break down data silos by linking data from different departments, organizations, and external sources. When data linking is combined with taxonomies, ontologies, text mining, and other semantic tools, a powerful knowledge graph for an entire organization is created. A knowledge graph is a robust representation of a knowledge domain that allows you to extract even more value and understanding from your data.

With PoolParty Semantic Suite, you can also build graph-based recommendation systems that form sophisticated content pairs through contextual and collaborative filtering. These semantic systems require less training data than typical recommenders because they are based on knowledge graphs. PoolParty's controllable recommendation systems, tailored to your domain, are highly accurate and deliver exactly the personalized results you need for your application


Further benefits of PoolParty

Easy to integrate

PoolParty can be integrated with the world's leading graph databases straight out of the box. If you want to integrate PoolParty into one of your systems, you can easily do so using the PoolParty APIs. PoolParty's APIs allow it to be integrated into leading CMS solutions like SharePoint, RWS/SDL Tridion Docs, and Adobe Experience Manager, to name a few. PoolParty can also be integrated with Kalcium Quickterm to exploit the synergies with modern terminology management systems.

Easy to use

PoolParty's user-friendly and graphical interface allows you to quickly enter the world of semantic AI software. The low learning curve is supported by PoolParty Academy, which will familiarize you with the software in no time.


PoolParty follows best practices in the field of information security management and is certified according to ISO 27001:2013.


PoolParty & Kalcium Quickterm

By combining Kalcium Quickterm with PoolParty, you can make your existing terminology data machine-readable for AI applications. At the same time, taxonomies benefit from the high and company-wide coordinated data quality of terminology and also make the data in your taxonomies available for purely linguistic use in the content process. A win-win, so to speak.

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