How to manage translator queries efficiently

Excel, e-mail, or ticketing systems are often the "tools" that are used to attempt to manage translation queries. No wonder translation queries are generally re as a tedious, tiresome, and time-consuming task. Yet, precisely these translation queries improve the quality of both the translation and the source text, as errors or ambiguities, for example, are discovered in the course of translation.

Webinar: How do I manage translation queries efficiently? on 9.3.2023

This webinar will show you how to make this knowledge effectively available to everyone and improve the entire process with an intuitive, collaborative, and above all efficient online platform.

We will show you how to

  • efficiently manage everything easily: Tracking, status tracking, task lists, notifications, etc. everything including
  • benefit from automatic and manual searchability of current as well as old queries
  • ensure information security with precisely definable access rights
  • benefit from linking to project management systems, Trados Studio and Kalcium Quickterm
  • transfer answered queries to your terminology database
  • automatically document all queries
  • make the most of the dashboard with statistics on customers and projects
  • … all in all, manage translation queries simply and efficiently

See for yourself this easy and effective software solution for your translation queries. Invest one hour for this free webinar and save yourself a lot of time, costs and nerves in the future!

Webinar: How to manage translator queries efficientlyy?

When: 9.3.2023

Unfortunately, this webinar is already over. But we are always happy to answer your questions!


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