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Use Publishing MultiTerm to select specific content from MultiTerm termbases and convert the selected data to either PDF layout or XML for use in other systems. 
Publishing MultiTerm is the ideal add-on if you want to publish your terminology as a glossary, or if you want to export your data for re-use in other systems.

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With Publishing MultiTerm, you select content from MultiTerm termbases with pinpoint accuracy and make it usable for other systems

The Challenge

MultiTerm has a concept-oriented database structure and autonomous terms. This approach is necessary in professional terminology management, because language data are not structured in a purely linear way. For instance, some entries might have 4 terms in German, 8 in Spanish, and only one in English. Also, the additional information for each term is not always the same in all languages. This unstructured nature of the content makes it difficult to re-purpose it. MultiTerm does have export mechanisms, of course. However, these are based on RTF or CSV, which are not very suitable for advanced processing. Therefore, a clever solution is needed, which combines flexible data selection with a dynamic post-processing engine. This solution is called Publishing MultiTerm.

Our Solution

Publishing MultiTerm offers several ways to select the desired fields and data ranges, including existing MultiTerm filters, proprietary filters, and a clickable tree structure. Publishing MultiTerm then stores your selection as an export definition so you can repeat the process later either manually or through the Windows Task Scheduler. The selected data are written to a simple XML format. The software then executes either an XSLT or XSLFO script in order to transform the data to XML or PDF. XSLT and XSLFO are standardized languages for use with XML. As a result, you can either ask us to create the desired target formats or create your own custom formats in-house. By combining flexible data selection with freely definable transformations, virtually any desired target format is possible.



  • Select the fields to be exported by simply clicking on them in a tree structure
  • Existing filters from MultiTerm can be used
  • The user can define additional filters in Publishing MultiTerm
  • Alphabetical sorting according to the "first" term of an entry or according to a term that has a certain field value (e.g., usage = standard)
  • Export definitions are saved for automated export via a command line or the Windows Task Scheduler
  • Connects to local and server-supported termbases via LAN or Anywhere connections


  • Automatic processing of one (or several) transformation scripts after exporting the plain XML
  • One standard script is included for XML and PDF transformations. You can use this sample script as a basis and adapt it to your requirements

Trial Version

Download a trial version of Publishing MultiTerm here. Special Requirements If you have a specific export requirement and want to find out how Publishing MultiTerm can help, please send us a sample file. We will send you a sample output from Publishing MultiTerm.

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