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Do you want to quickly analyze the content of one or more files to find out how many words, fuzzy matches, repetitions, etc. there are? And then convert all this information straight into a quote? You can with Go Analyze! All the settings you need, from project templates and TMs to prices and precise settings for each language, can be predefined in Go Analyze and even assigned different customer profiles. Once you have defined the settings, simply drag and drop the files for analysis onto Go Analyze, or send one or more files to Go Analyze by right clicking on them.

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Go Analyze analyzes one or more Trados files, lists the number of words, fuzzies, etc., and converts all this information straight into a quote.

Go Analyze creates a project, performs the analysis, and can then delete the project if you wish. If you decide to retain the project, Go Analyze can even be used to automatically prepare the entire Studio project, with just one click! A variety of special functions to speed up your everyday tasks are included. For example, different source files can be recognized automatically for each target language, which is often a requirement of automatically generated translation files.

You can also create a perfectly formatted quote using a configurable quote template. This is ideal for freelancers and small agencies, as well as in-house translation departments. Please note: to use Go Analyze you need a Trados Studio Professional license as a minimum. Tip: our Connecting Content product goes one step further by completely automating project creation using a watched folder.

Product Documents to Download

Technical product documents: download the Go Analyze User Manual here. You will find a short video about Go Analyze on our YouTube channel.

Try Go Analyze for Free

You can download a free version of Go Analyze here. Please note: with the free version you can only set up one TM connection.

Licensing and Ordering

Go Analyze is available as a single-user license for €250.00. You can easily get the unrestricted professional version of Go Analyze from our sales team.

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